About Tabor Building


Tabor Building has been in business in Roseburg for over 35 Years. Tabor Building specializes in building custom and speculative-built homes.

What We Build

Tabor Building has the capacity to tackle any residential project from a small/basic home to large elaborate custom homes.

About Tabor Building

The Tabor Building business model is built on efficiency and honesty. Over the years Tabor Building has refined its processes to eliminate much of the problems, headache, and stress that you so often hear about with people who have homes built. At Tabor Building, we've negotiated preferential pricing with our vendors and that cost savings along with a favorable contractor fee structure is how we are able to provide the highest value to our customers.
At Tabor Building we believe that communication is an essential "service component" being provided by the builder. As such, buyers will be supplied the Builder's Critical Path process map and will be updated on the progress and scheduling of those components as well as the multitude of activities that do not lie on the critical path to completion.
Tabor Building has established an extensive library of house plan. Buyers may choose one of those plans, alter/amend one of those plans, or start from scratch with a new plan. Plans should be selected only after the buyers have picked out their lot so that we might assist the buyers in picking/amending their plans to take into account all of the critical factors of the lot (view, topography, yard, driveway access, etc.)
Buyers work with an "option selection coordinator" when picking out elements of the home. At Tabor Building our goal is to have 99% of the home "picked out" before executing a contract to build the home. This process insures that the bid price takes into account ALL of the buyers choices/desires & as such the home can be built without the buyers experiencing any of the dreaded "overages" or "hidden costs" that you hear about with many builders.
Depending on the complexity of the home, Tabor Building can usually construct a home in 110-130 days.
Tabor Building offers flexible contractor fee options. Buyers can choose from firm cost bid structure or a "cost plus a flat fee" structure. In either case, Tabor Building does not take any profit until the conclusion of the project. We want our buyers to know that we are as committed to completing the home in a timely fashion as they are.
Tabor Building offers an optional 10-year warranty. The warranty is provided by 2-10 warranty company. It is a 1-year comprehensive, 2-year mechanical, 10-year structural warranty. The optional warranty is fully transferable throughout the warranty period.

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We welcome your questions and comments about building a new home. Please call us at 541-580-2211 or send an email now.